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Mostlyclueless, it sounds like you are having a hard time. You will get through this. If it feels right to stay with your partner, than do that, and you can work through anything. Humans are very strong and we have the ability to think positively or negatively. Try to think positively about yourself and the situation and not to be so hard on yourself. Life feels difficult, but its really not. If you have air to breath, food to eat, love and shelter then you are in the most perfect situation.

We can always improve, but I think saying to fix yourself implies that something is wrong or bad and I think everyone is who they are and thats not good or bad. I am sorry that I don't have any sound advice about your particular situation, but I truly believe that if you look out for yourself, love yourself and love others... that you will be happy in any situation.

I send you my hugs and love from Canada.
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