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Originally Posted by km34 View Post
I'm sure it would change if the way people talked about love changed, but that won't happen until there is a majority that feels that polyamory/multiple romantic partners is the preferred relationship model. Do you see that happening anytime soon? I don't.
Could I possibly venture a modification to this that may achieve the same result, but not dismiss monogamy as a viable relationship model? To my mind, we don't need to have poly as a preferred relationship model, but we do need it to have parity with monogamy. I get a bit leery when we talk about poly using words like "superior" or "more evolved", which I have seen in other places, and struggle with that, because I really do respect those that have made monogamy work for them, and don't want to denigrate them or their relationships.

Originally Posted by km34 View Post
For me, there is a difference between a friendship and a romance. Sure, they can and often do overlap, but I can have friends for whom I don't have romantic feelings.
Yes, exactly.

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