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Default parents and their response to your lifestyle choices....

We recently were confronted by my Mom. She asked if I had a boyfriend (answer:yes) and if my husband had a girlfriend (answer: yes). Now, I know she's ultra conservitive and has very different ideas of "right" and "wrong" than we (hubby and I and our OSOs).... but she decided to ask us anyway.

I decided to answer honestly...and it blew up in my face. She thinks we're ruining our lives, our childrens' lives... That we are immoral.

Then she seemingly got over it (after a couple weeks of tense silence) and I thought we were okay.

Flash forward a few weeks later, to today. The all out text war began.... Here are some highlights:

These are parts of a text convo with my Mom today...

"you are arrogant and foolish to dismiss the values of just about everyone else in society and horrible to sacrifice the well being of your children. I want to collapse every time i think of you and how you've thrown your life away."

"you are stupid if you think having your man sleep with others is going to result in a long term relationship of any kind"

"if you loved me or respected me, you wouldn't be doing what you are doing. You are destroying me. I am so sad that you have abandoned all morals, ethics."

We've explained and demonstrated how it is beneficial to our kids, our marriage, etc.... but she just WON'T LISTEN!!

Suggestions? Stories? Advice?!?!? HELPP!!!!
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