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Question New to the Forum with Questions Concerning Polyamorous Relationships....

I just typed a very long first post, but seeing as the web browser ate the whole thing, I'll make this a long story short.

I'm relatively new to the idea of polyamory relationships, and my current situation is this; I am engaged to my fiance, whom I love dearly. I also have very strong feelings for my girlfriend Jenn. My fiance is aware of my relationship with her, and he approves. I want to get closer to my friend, Jay, but I don't know if my fiance is ready to accept another male relationship just yet. My fiance is monogamous at the moment - he has professed that he has no interest in being with anyone but me, despite the fact that I have told him that he has the same freedoms that I have.

To illustrate my current situation, I used my trusty Paintbrush program to make a chart. Please hold all laughter until the end of the post :P

I could really use advice and input on my situation.....I care very much for all of these people, and no one is hiding anything from anyone at this point.

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