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@lutuesandroses-thanks for your kind words of wisdom

What a great week. A dinner date with my fabulous husband. A surprise visit from Derby on her way home from derby, and a coffee date. Mono bought himself a truck that I get to take out for a drive this weekend. At LB's school there are going to be some big changes that will only make it even more of an amazing place for him to be. My new friend has been hanging around the house, hanging out with Mono and offering to help with household stuff (you know how I love that!). Everything has been great this week

Off for a coffee with my new friend in an hour or so. I am wondering what will come out of that as it will be the first time we meet without major issues to talk about in his life. Perhaps some silent moments? I can gage my comfort level with others by those silent moments. Should be interesting. He has kissed me a couple of times briefly and I have remained at a distant. I think I will let that go this time and see what that brings in terms of my comfort and trust level.
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