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Madscientist hasn't been around much since our other friend headed home a few weeks ago. Gamerboy and I had dinner with him and some other friends on Monday and it felt a little strained at first. He also talked about spending half of the year here and the other half a few hours away in a larger city. I know this place is like a social wasteland sometimes and hope he finds what he's looking for there. I wish there was some middle ground for him and I but with our personalities I just don't think it's possible.
On a positive note the new bedroom is not completely done but livable which is fantastic. This project proved that Gamerboy and I have completely different thinking and communication styles, which in turn led to minor spats but we're trying harder to speak in a way the other person will understand. And my first class at my new school is going well so far so yay.
I have always talked to a few interesting women on Ok, no one close enough or compatible but it has still been fun.
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