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I don't know that I have any advice, but I do have an observation...

...and I might be stereotyping - I don't mean to say that everyone is like this, but I gave noticed a trend...

I have seen many mono women come onto forums and say something to the effect of "my boyfriend is poly - I can handle him having sex with his girlfriend but the concept of them falling in love freaks me RIGHT OUT!"

And I have seen many mono men come on the forums and saying something to the effect that the idea of their girlfriends having sex with another man is something they can't handle, but that them falling in love is fine...

There are a lot fewer who are the other way around.

Is there a trend for this gender-specific difference in terms of the value/risk/danger placed on these two things?

So it could be that the two of you are putting these different values on the respective activities. Something that you need to take into consideration when she says "it's only sex"....

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