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The Paris trip was wonderful. <3 So much talking, touching, loving and experiencing. I feel like we took a few big steps forward in understanding each other better. That was great, even though some discussions were quite emotional. But I just love the fact that we talk about everything.

Today I had a discussion with JJ about Bob. I told him that I'm interested in Bob but I don't know if anything will happen. He was just as cool as usual and was glad I told him. He also - like rory earlier - said "go for it!". I don't really need to tell in advance to my partners if I plan on doing anything sexual with someone else (we don't have a boundary like that), but I like doing that. I like talking about things that are on my mind and Bob is on my mind, so why wouldn't I.

I might be going out with Bob today. Not like a date, but we do have some uncertain plans on going to a bar together this evening. I'm still a bit tired from my trip but if he says he's going, I'm pretty sure I'm going too. So we'll see what happens.
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