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Originally Posted by fauxsisticated View Post

The issue I have is as follows: I'm bi. My partner fulfills my needs for male interaction, but I still crave women. If he were bi and told me he was having similar feelings, I'd be understanding of this and would have no problem with him seeing other guys so long as they practiced safe sex (I've dated a "bi" guy before and had no issue with this). I wouldn't feel threatened by men, because I know they could provide for my partner emotional interaction and, to be frank, sexual interaction that I simply can't.

WOW! This is very simlar to someone else's feelings I know....wait now, the name is on the tip of my it comes...ME!

Nice to hear a woman viewing things similarly to this vanilla cracker. Brace yourself, you'll probably get called out on this with the usual insecurity questions. I'm with you though!

Wish I had more advice other than because you are looking for a woman it may be recieved a lot better than if you were looking for another man.

Good luck


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