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Originally Posted by km34 View Post
Do/would you (you Tonberry and you everyone) talk to your friends about your love language if you started feeling disconnected? I love my friends, so my love language definitely shines through in those relationships, but some people don't use the word "love" unless it is romantic - What would you do?
I just thought about this the other day. My love languages don't apply to friends. Touch is very important to me in romantic relationships, but I don't need it in friendships. I like touching friends too and it's nice if I get to do that, but I don't feel like there's something lacking if I can't do that. Whereas I don't think I could be in a romantic relationship where there wasn't quite a lot of touching involved. Also, at one point in my life when I started feeling like I was falling out of love (but still liked the person), I also noticed I didn't want to touch or be touched by him. So for me it's definately related to romantic love. If I feel it, I need touch and if I don't, there's no need for it.
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