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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I think that there are so many women out there who were taught to play games, strategize, and manipulate, that guys don't know what to do with those of us who won't. And we don't quite get why we're so different because this is the only way we can be ourselves.
Oh, we must be cut from the same fabric! I have been accused of being even too honest at times. C says he appreciates that I don't punish him for being honest. I have in fact gotten upset with him for times he has glossed over his true thoughts and given me what he thought was a friendlier answer. He also learned very early on not to try to "read between the lines" to try to discern what I'm thinking, because with me, everything is all spelled out. If I didn't come out and say it, it's not what I'm thinking.

I am happy to soak up those compliments -about our connection, about my character, even about the way I dance. But when he thinks my medium length plain light brown eyelashes are "a microcosm of beauty" then I think he's just punch drunk on love. I can enjoy it most of the time, but I'm ready to be a flawed human in his eyes. I should just be patient?
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