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Default Falling out of love?


I'm trying to figure out if this is normal Poly behavior. I watched the season premier of Eureka this week, and was thoroughly annoyed by part of the storyline. One love interest is lost in space for four years and during that time the main protagonist falls in love with someone else. The first love is unaware of the passage of time and comes back a few hours later to her timeframe and finds her love is lost.

I just don't get it and I wondered if this is something other Poly's feel as well - do you ever really fall out of love?

Long before I even thought about Poly I knew I was weird as I never really felt an end to love. I've ended relationships due to it no longer being healthy for me or my partner, or when they have left me for their own reasons, but I never fall out of romantic love.

It made it very difficult when the other person - now I understand they are 'mono' - distance themselves and switch off that connection. I've tried pushing for friendships but invariably end up in the cold.

I still care for and want to protect them, see them happy healthy even if it isn't with me.

Perhaps my idea of love is not what others mean or have others had this experience?
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