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Sorry, I should have fleshed that out a bit more! I really did not mean to be so foreboding.

I just meant the NRE-ness is based on newness, steeped in happy brain chemicals, with a side of unreality. It goes away on its own sooner or later.

However, insecurity does not go away on its own usually. (I do believe one can grow out of insecurities - I know I did.) If his ideas about your awesomeness are connected to a corresponding lack of his own worth, well that's not going away when the happy chemical brainbath and newness erode. Perhpas, his placing you on a pedestal may be more about "You are so far above me, I worship you' dynamic than the stereotypical NRE.

I have no way of knowing if this is accurate - just something that struck me. Hence the 'something to think about'. I'm certainly not saying run screaming away from C. (50 year old geek with G spot skills? Why yes, please!) Just that you may be on that pedestal and adored for longer than you think. There are way worse things of course!
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