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Default Thankful for you presence in 'the community'

Mono, you have done it yet again, reached out with your words and have articulated what members of our family feel and live everyday.

As we discussed your post he realizes he is not alone in his thoughts, tribulations and forward movement(through normal) and it resinates in me that what he tells and shows me is even more true to his being.

I want to reach out into the community that 'I' embrace to say 'be gentle on my love' he prefers his 'normal'.

So you are not alone in your ideals and we appreciate and are very grateful for your contributions to 'the community'

Do you and he NEED to be completely absorbed & saturated with 'The community' I personally don't think so but that is individual preference you both will have to determine for yourselves I know I so enjoy the times when going beyong the individual person to the community creates epiphamies but I don't expect them. they are just blessings to an already wonderful relationship with an amazing person.

Do you live in New York State - - a place to chat local events and meetups for like minded folks!
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