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Does anyone have that problem with friends?
I'm a very touchy-feely person, and I want to touch my friends (hold hands when we walk, share "real hugs" -where the body touch for the whole length, not just the shoulders and then ass out - kiss them on the cheek, squeeze their shoulder, these kinds of things) but everyone seems so distant in comparison, the most I guess is the ass-out hug, and only very rarely and from a few people.

I asked a friend and he said if I acted like that with a friend they would assume I wanted to have sex with them I don't think it's a cultural difference because hugs aren't even a big thing in France (although I guess kissing on the cheek is). And I can be pretty adverse to touch from strangers, people I don't like or don't know, etc.
But I do feel a lack of something when I don't share much touch with my friends.
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