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I'm slowly getting to know my new friend and like what I am finding. He is interested in something more. That is very evident. I am waiting patiently to see what happens in time and with some healing from the relationship he had that just ended.

I can see that all the ingredients I would look for in a partner are there including the necessity for huge amounts of independence in terms of time (I don't have much... surprise ), a considerate nature in terms of commitment to others of importance in his life, indication that life is to be filled with exiting new adventures and the fulfilling of goals, diligence in working on his issues, valuing sexuality and physical aspects of his body and others as sacred, importance of pacing oneself and viewing life as an unfolding process that need not be rushed, especially if one is to have something full and rich, tons of expression of emotion, intellectual thoughts on various topics.... I dunno. Lots more that I look for.

I guess what I really don't know is how much of this is friendship and how much relationship worthy. Mono has been spending some time with our friend (Derby had a coffee with him at one point too) and I think is plowing through his thoughts on the possibility of me being with him. They get along very well and are very similar in a lot of ways. Do I really need another Mono, who isn't mono?! HA! Not really I don't think... then what would be a good enough reason to date this man other than he really loves me and tells me that quite often?
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