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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
If C is truly insecure, and manages his insecurity by putting you on a pedestal, not seeing the 'real you' (maybe you are that awesome! just sayin') then is not in NRE really but something else. Something that may not go away in a few months or weeks. Just something to think about.
Ok, now you have me a bit scared! Something else like what? Because he's been claiming from the get-go that he's never felt anything like this for anyone else in all his 50-odd years, whereas for me it was only ever, "Wow, another intriguing and delightful man I love!" plus the excitement of something new. Maybe I am that awesome as I do have that tendency to draw people in, but my faults are really not that hard to find. Ask my husband.

He's not co-dependent, at least. I have my radar up for that one. He leads a very independent, full and fascinating life, and really has less time for me than I'd like. He says I've been helping him become more confident. (Rich geeks with a thorough understanding of G-spots are a hot commodity, right?!) I just assumed that eventually he'd tire of showering me with compliments and start noticing that I'm as imperfect as anyone else. How would I know if this isn't normal NRE?
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