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Hey i got directed to this thread from another thread. I wanted to add my exps.

I guess, hm, maybe i am not really poly in the pure sense of the word. I am in a "primary" relationship, but we dont live together. We each have our own places but spend about half the week together in one or another's apt.

m and I met each other when we were both single, both coming out of other long term relationships. I didnt want to imm settle down w one person, after 34 yrs w the same guy! Good thing m was poly and completely fine w me seeing as many other ppl as I needed to "be myself," self-actualize...

A couple months ago my husband and I sold our house and I needed to get an apt and I couldve moved in w madi. We both would have enjoyed the lower rent that wouldve entailed. But I chose to get my own place. She and I have lots of work to do in our new life situations, and I felt the need for space.

Another way we dont fit as pure primaries is, I am 22 yrs older than her. She'd like a family, whereas Ive got 3 young adult kids and am post menopausal. (Also she's trans, on hormones, so unable to have a biological child anyway.)

One more way we aren't traditionally primary. I go out w a lot of ppl, Ive dated about a dozen men and one other woman this yr. I havent found "love" w any of them, or not True Love tm. Not really "looking for love," either. I mean, I am looking for friends, ppl who are cool, smart, hip, funny, respectful. I need good sex too, and since I am bi, a man would be nice to have it with.

I am looking to "like," but I am not burdened with any sort of desperation or urgency, for True Love TM. I already have that... I just wanna have some variety now. I'm playing the field, and that hasnt changed even tho I am deeply in love with m.

Luckily she and I are totally on the same page w regards to all that. However she does hold an ideal of multiple poly partners in some sort of poly-fi relationship, while realizing it's a lofty goal.

We are definitly not one of those formerly mono couples now opening their relationship, seeking that elusive unicorn!
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