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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
let the guy enjoy you and NRE until he moves out of it on his own.
Yes, I know. I haven't said a word to him about it. It feels unequal though! Sometimes I feel like he has me up on a pedestal so high I can't reach him. He's someone who doesn't really recognize his own self worth, and really seems to believe I am out of his league, which is ridiculous. I feel like he's selling himself short, and shouldn't "settle" for a secondary-type relationship with me when he wants a full primary partner. I'd love for him to have both, but since he's mono I think the next best thing for him is to move on from me when he finds someone who can be more for him. I don't think he's going to be able to recognize the potential in any other woman as long as he still believes I am the personification of beauty and wisdom. (Ha!) It would be nice if we could settle into a steady relationship without NRE for a while before he starts dating anyone else, in hopes of having a strong foundation for a continuing friendship down the road.

I guess I see this relationship as having a beginning (NRE) and middle (ORE) and an end (when he finds a primary partner) and I want to make sure we get enough middle. I wasn't really meaning to complain about things the way they are now, but I was curious how long I should expect it to last, and if anyone else had experienced getting to the end of NRE before their partner.
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