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Originally Posted by CielDuMatin View Post
I caution you to treat anyone else who provides specifics as to what THEY regard as cheating as input to your own process, not as a "rule-of-thumb" to stick to.

So if your partner thought she was breaking the rules of what she understood to be the relationship, then she is entitled to that. Maybe that should be a prompt for the two of you to sit down and agree on what those rules should be....
I have a mind that operates on logic. My confusion stemmed from our logic on the idea of what is cheating and what isn't. She said that she's coming back Friday. We are going to have some long discussions after that. I am amazed how helpful and supportive this forum is. I was reading through some posts before I posted and I really appreciate how kind and informative you all are! Thank you so much. I really believe we can make it through this now.
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