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Yes, clairegoad puts it well. I want us seeing each other for who we are, flaws and all, and I don't want giddiness being a drug-like distraction. This is especially important to me because this is my first significant extramarital relationship and it's been a tough adjustment for my husband of 13 years, so I don't like being all caught up in excitement over C at the expense of my marriage. I am feeling more balanced in my life now as I come out of it. Without NRE goggles on now I'm almost feeling annoyed when C treats me like every little thing I say or do is wonderful and all my bad habits are cute, so I really want him to come down to earth with me!
Married to a monogamous man 15 yrs, mother of 2, dating C 3 yrs, and in a romantic friendship with L more than 20 yrs
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