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[QUOTE=Precious1;132727]But I find myself wondering, would it do me good to change my thought pattern from where I am now.. in an awesome relationship where all my needs are met other than time, headed towards our commitment ceremony... to perhaps thinking to myself that he is simply a Beloved FWB who visits when he can.
It would be a major step backwards for me, but I'm thinking it may be the only way to keep sane and stay with this otherwise immensely gratifying relationship.

I've read this thread a few times. And I'm curious to read the feedback here as well.

Your story sounds very similar to mine. Immensely gratifying, yet lacking in time. Not expecting full time but needing a little more. It's a Catch 22.

I have also thought about what you wrote about taking a step backwards to a more FWB role but I don't know how you do that once you develop the bond and love that comes with time. I guess it really is a change in thought pattern, but that's easier said than done.

The ideas on here are great! Find hobbies, build a life outside of the romantic time, career, friends, family. We could probably all do with building on those strengths at times. Although, there will always be something that's missing.........

I love that Sunshine makes the effort to text or call you each morning and night. It does establish a regular connection daily. For me, that would be comforting, shows I'm not just a side thought to the everyday life, but a priority daily especially when we have stretches of not seeing each other.

But that doesn't help your cause in finding skills to cope with the time alone.

I'm interested in reading what other advice people have for this!
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