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Default Update

So to give an update ... After a few days I sent him an email basically saying I accepted it was over. I thanked him for the happiness he gave me in the time we had and I wished him love ...

Then he came back. Since then I also started a blog to try and help me process all this ...

Over the last few days he has tried to say he was okay sharing now, he wa claiming me as owner, and I told him simply I no longer trust him enough for that to happen. We talked for hours last night and I asked he give me time to build trust with him again, he finally said, "fuck off. I am done with you"

So done again just as quickly as he returned. I'm torn because I was in love, I'm confused and I believe it was because I was manipulated, and I'm hurt and scared that this will make me hide from my desire to love more ... I know pain is the yang to love, so by accepting the love I accept the pain... It just seems a little harder every time.
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