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LOL penguin - i'm like you. i can snuggle in the middle of the summer too, until the point when we're actually STICKING together! (eww.)

J was a snuggler, but didn't particularly want to be touched all the time, and DON'T rub his head (he has a very short, soft, silvering buzz cut that looks FAB on him because he's such a beautiful man any way you have it), it usually drove him nuts.

Z leans into each and every touch, and that was part of what really made me fall into him like i did. he can not get enough of being touched, snuggled, rubbed. he grew up in a family that wasn't very "touchy", and mine was the opposite. he will often jump or startle when touched and he doesn't see it coming, but after the knee-jerk reaction, he immediately relaxes into it, and i can't get enough of THAT.

touch makes me happy too, and i love making him feel happy, safe, and loved!
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