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Originally Posted by Alleycat View Post
Think I'm missing a point here somewhere.
For me NRE is the high one gets from being with another person, it's the most intense and exciting phase of the relationship.

Why not enjoy it or try to prolong it?
I can't answer for the OP. However, to me NRE was fun and scary... I was taking risks... driving, working and such. I was distracted with feelings... intense feelings. It really is like a drug.

I enjoyed the feelings.. but was also very aware of the damage it was doing.. at work, and to my friends.

For us, the NRE is subtle. We've been dating for 18 months, living together for 11 and 9 months.

In July of last year, I wrote this in my blog:
"I stunned my boyfriend by recently saying the NRE (New Relationship Energy) is wearing off.. He seemed surprised that I was happy with the decrease in NRE.

I like it-- too much. I can see how people keep wanting more and more. The NRE made me giddy, and a bit careless. I was forgetting items on my shopping list, and forgetting to buy groceries completely. At work, I'd get lost in daydreams about my lovers. I felt bullet proof... I could accomplish anything, and was lost in my own life.

I don't remember the NRE the last time.. it was over 20 years ago. This is a new feeling, and quite shocking to me.. So I'm glad it has died into a warm bed of embers. With NRE, I didn't see any flaws in my lovers. Recently I've seen the flaws... and still love them.

So I'm glad to get my responsible, adult life back. The sexual energy remains, and regenerates me. The NRE is not a major distraction. I still tingle when we touch, I still smile when I think of my couple. But I'm glad the responsible, logical functions are back online. I'm looking forward to the growth of ORE... you know, Old Relationship Energy."
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