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Thanks, Annabel. Intellectually I know it will improve immensely once we get established in the various groups we've become involved in, but like you said... It just seems to take forever.

I've decided to see a therapist. I'm a believer that therapy helps everyone at some point, and I think right now is my point. Even if it's only a few sessions to get everything off my chest. Keith pointed out something that I've often noticed - the swings in my blood sugar cause me to have mood swings almost as severe as someone with bipolar disorder. While I know I do better when my diet is on track, I need to work on ways to cope with it when I err. Hopefully getting it out there will help me find some perspective.

Luckily, we have some pretty awesome insurance, so I am going to call tomorrow to see if I need a referral from my everyday doctor (speaking of which, I need to find a new one of those too... And a dentist...) or if I can just make an appointment. I don't think I need a referral, but if it lowers the copay, I'm all for it! I know two psychologists that are within walking distance are covered by our insurance, so it is just figuring out the technicalities.

Haha.. Maybe I can start working on my trust issues while I'm at it...
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