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NYCINdie, thats a great suggestion! Except I'm not sure if Bent and/or Blu will be into me having a friendship with Bent. Certainly, Bent and I started interacting with each other for almost a year before we brought in Blu and naturally Blu and I have been interacting for years. However, my relationship with Bent WAS founded on having him come make friends with my wife and understood that he would sleep with her if she was willing. I hope that we can all become friends. thats the ideal-at the same time I need to give them space for their relationship to grow. delicate balance isn't it? I think that she will take the balanced approach as she is meeting to talk with him outside the bedroom. I am fully ready for them to move to the bedroom, without me. I did say that I would prefer to be there for their first time but I know that the NRE can take over and maybe they will want to be alone. I told her if something does happen tomorrow that as long as she tells me, I will be okay. But from your experience do you think that I will? I didnt anticipate the intensity of the NRE-so it will likely be the same with the flood of jealousy. I take your suggestion of taking it out of the bedroom very seriously.

It is very bedroom focused right now. That is how Blu and my first night was, we slept together right away, within hours of knowing each other and for one year spent every day together and the first six months having sex 2-3 times a day, 7 days a week. It could happen with this relationship-although scheduling will be difficult and as we have a kid I doubt Blu will just drop everything.
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