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Originally Posted by Precious1 View Post
I am, and always have been a kinesthetic hoar.
meeeee tooooo
(I'm also very kinesthetic, but I have high synesthesia)

Originally Posted by Precious1 View Post
... but my touch and expression being loved, accepted and even sought out is absolute bliss to me.
I guess, for me anyway, to touch means more than being touched back, though I really do like that too.
I was so surprised to learn that about me too! It's the being able to touch. I like to be touched, but I'm often satisfied easily and then I need to breathe or move or whatever. It's about that he always leans into my touch for more that is so very satisfying to me.

I can just put feet my in his lap and get an absent-minded rub (which is so much more awesome than many folk's intentional rubs) without even asking. He likes to fiddle with his hands, and it matters not if it's a toy or my feet. !
Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own...
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