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I hope you don't mind a few direct questions and statements...if so, no need to respond my friend

Originally Posted by Alexandra View Post

June this year, I found myself back in touch with my first love, T. !

Originally Posted by Alexandra View Post
He has never stopped loving me and hoping that we might one day be reconciled.

L believes that T has an agenda, and is "dishonourable" for "messing with another man's lady". T pointed out (half joking) that since he knew me first and has never stopped loving me, it is in fact L that is the interloper
I'm a little suspicious myself honestly. "Half joking" anything usually means there is half truth in it. I'd hate to think this guy has a sense of being "obliged" because of your history. That would be disrespect to your husband in my humble secondary opinion.

Originally Posted by Alexandra View Post
I feel no remorse or guilt at all
A little New Relationship Energy perhaps?

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