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Default When is cheating considered cheating?

This is my first post, and I am completely new to this poly thing. I fond out that my wife is in love with a person she met on the internet. They have never met irl, and he wants nothing to do with her anymore. That caused her to realize that she loved him and had for a while now, which is making her think that she might be poly. I am filled with questions, but I need to work through them one at a time. I personally don't feel like she was cheating, and I've told her this, but she is really depressed about it. I'm not asking to be convinced that she was cheating, because I can see how that could be, I just wonder: If the "cheatee" doesn't feel like it was cheating, but the "cheater" does, is it really cheating? I would think that my lack of hurt would mean that it wasn't.
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