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Default Just got on the poly roller coaster

Hi my wife blu and I have been together for over a decade. From the beginning I thought about a poly relationship but she was not receptive and I let it go out of respect for her. The past six years the feelings have become stronger and stronger and we started exploring the fantasy of it about three or four years ago. Mind you it was more of a swinging fantasy but I knew that it would be more complicated than that in reality.

So last week we finally took the plunge. After meeting Bent a few times over the last couple of months, we invited him over and things got going.
Without wanting to categorize, it looks like it is a V with her as the hinge although time will tell. The emotions of NRE are crazy! Strange to be completely aroused one minute and then the next to have a queasy feeling in your stomach the next. Its been 4 days since and they are meeting alone tomorrow to talk and perhaps more.

I was the one who went and found Bent and introduced them. My timing wasnt particularly good because Blu is very busy these days and the NRE is really wrecking havoc on her work. So I feel guilty about that. But seeing her happy the other night was incredible. I hadnt seen her like that. It was everything that I wanted. She felt guilty that she wanted to pay more attention to him but I told her I understand.

My stomach doesnt though. Did most out there get that queasy feeling in your stomach. Her happiness is incredible- just working through the regular emotions of worry and fear that she will leave me for him. Before taking the plunge, I realized that that might happen but in the end if he is right for her and she wants to go mono again, there is little I can do. Better to take the plunge and see her happiness and passion shine through than stay in the cage of a mono that doesnt fit us well.
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