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Default How long does NRE last?

It's been a roller coast year since I got to know, fell in love with, and worked out boundaries (with my mono husband) for my relationship with C, and I've been very much looking forward to the end of our NRE so things can start to feel steady and peaceful. At long last I feel like I am there, but he seems to have more stars in his eyes now than ever. How long do people tend to experience this new relationship phase? Ours is long distance and I think that's why it is taking so long. Have other people experienced moving out of it before (or after) their partner?

Partly I'm bothered because I can't offer as much as he wants in a partner, and I feel like he will never find anyone else while he's this smitten with me. (He doesn't think it's a problem.) Partly it feels uneven now, when I am finally in a place where I am content to enjoy him when he is with me and not worry about it when we are apart, and he's starting to use words like "yearning" for the first time. Lately I've been sick and moody and gaining weight and we've been trying to spend less time interacting on a sexual level, all of which you'd think might bring him down to earth, but no. Do I just have to keep waiting?
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