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I'm a physical contact junkie.
I love being touched, and I have a strong tenancy to utilise touch as an expression of affection.

With my wife she has a few fairly specific types of physical attention she requires and enjoys, giving or receiving, and these are constant, public or private, however she also has a short list of things she really hates (doesn't like her hair being played with, at all!)

Contrasting with another lady I've become involved with again, she's a full contact cuddler, extremely reactive to receiving all kinds of touch, as well as giving, except when in public however, in which case she prefers all public displays of affection (physically speaking) be minimal for the most part.

Contrasting further with the lady my wife is getting involved with, She is very affectionate physically all around, big fan of giving neck and back rubs and cuddling up, but its often very casual without erotic overtones to it, which is to say its friendly contact more so than "sexy" contact.

Between the 4 of us, its 4 very different levels and preferences when it comes to touch, takes a bit to navigate everyones contact-language and needs.
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