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Again, excellent and valid points being posted....thank you.

@CielDuMatin...D/s is my life now and is for me not yes, i do have to accept what He says though being a very fair Master, He does listen to my opinions as long as they are respectfully made. I am guilty of expressing my views since this has happened in a less than acceptable way and although not offering any excuses, i love Him and know my hurt has overridden everything else and my words have come out not as i wanted them to at times.

@dingedheart...although Master has had other subs, He has never, apart from myself been with any other for more than a year. I have 'voiced' all of my concerns with Him and i know He has done His level best to address them although at times i have not heard what i wanted to. This is such a huge learning curve for both of us. I know He has never set out to hurt me and He is being true to Himself but i can't lie...i need reassurance and totally open and honest communication.

Have to say, i am so glad i stumbled on this site which is giving me great strength right now x
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