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Thanks for the book recommendation - I've seen it mentioned so much on this community I had planned to look it up!

The reason most "dates" end up being staying in, honestly, I am not sure how we got to this point. At first, I can say I honestly wasn't sure what to suggest, since I'm not as familiar with his town as my own. Now, I think it is largely due to being in a holding pattern of familiarity.

I will say that our last few dates we've had a much better balance of going out and staying in, as well as solo time and family time.

And yeah, I realize how "go in the other room" sounded... kinda middle schoolish heh. To be honest, I do want occasional privacy to do more than sneak a kiss here and there, but that is far from the only thing I am going for. Last night for example we had a couple hours solo time and we spent it just talking and snuggling. Had some great conversation, that wouldn't have been possible if we were chasing kiddos. We ran some errands together, which while not super romantic or anything I still enjoy doing because its sharing a piece of our lives with each other.
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