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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Just curious, you say you'd be ok with him having a relationship with someone of his same gender -- is he bi?

Ultimately this is a fairly straightforward situation, and it really should be resolved before the wedding. Is he ok with you having a meaningful relationship (not just sex, not just threesomes) with someone who isn't him? Are you ok with not having any other meaningful relationships (beyond sex and threesomes) with anyone but him? If the answer to both questions is "no", there is a fundamental incompatability here and someone is going to have to compromise or else you guys aren't going to work together.

Emotionally manipulating you and another woman into a threesome that he doesn't even want, because that's the only way you and she can see each other, or insisting that somehow you avoid developing feelings for people that you're involved with, when that's obviously not how you work, are NOT solutions. Going back to monogamy, opening up to real non-monogamy, or breaking up are.
As I said he is not seeking emotional relationship only bdsm things outside of other relationships and I let him, and he does stuff ith woman and men. He is not bi, he is bi-curios. as for meaningful relationships, IF he was looking for one I would be more ok if it was with a man (same gender), but if it as with a woman I could only answer that if it was for real and I knew who the talk is about... plus, I know I would be willing to work on it and not be stubborn like him.

For the first questions there is no answer really, he knows he is more than jut sex to me, he knows I really like her (I will continue the answer with answering the next paragraph, after I answer question number 2)
For the second question, no.

I am just talking it slow because if I do it like this "hi, I love her, she will be my gf" I personally think it is too much... he only 'pushes' the threesome (btw we all sometime shave it willingly) because he doesn't know any other.. ways work on his jealousy, and main reason for me posting here is to find how I can make him realize that there is no need for that..
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