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Originally Posted by browneyes View Post
Would anyone mind sharing some of their stories with me about the beginning of their relationships with their mono or poly partners? I feel like i have a road map with no path on it.
I felt the same way. Still do. Hence my username. Big blank piece of paper with a red dot on it. :-)

(I'm mono, my partner and his OSO are both poly)

For us, it started off a bit differently - basically, starting a vee all at once and not opening up an existing relationship, although there was a close friendship before he realized he was Poly.

I've been lurking around the boards here for a while, and joined the Yahoo email lists as well, and really do appreciate seeing the different perspectives. I don't have a story to tell yet (or perhaps I do, but it's still in the middle), but my partner has started a blog dedicated to his Poly journey in more of an abstract sense. The relationship itself has its hard spots and its good ones, and one thing I keep reminding myself is to stop looking at it as a poly/mono thing and appreciate what the relationship with my partner itself has to offer... which is an awful lot.

Anyhoo - welcome!
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