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I am pretty evenly matched between "Quality Time" and "Physical Touch", my partner is almost the same between touch and "Words of Affirmation" (although he's a bit higher in "Words"). After a long marriage where my husband didn't like much touching unless it was a means to an end (sigh), it is WONDERFUL to have the touch on such a casual, everyday basis.

The only thing is, when one is missing ("Quality Time"), the touch tends to be missing as well, and when he's with his OSO for any great length of time, I start getting REEEEAL tetchy. Doesn't help that I'm mono and don't have another outlet for my time/touch needs unless my kids are here and all snuggly.

With my marriage, it went on a LONG time (more than 15 years) without the "touch" need met, but we had "time" in spades... that really did help, but it still felt empty by the time we finally acknowledged it was over.
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