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I tried to write a post, but I'm not making any sense.

I miss having people. I miss being able to see my sister and parents every other weekend. I miss the kids I was babysitting. I miss Mario inviting me over for Jeopardy marathons once a week.

Normally I love it here, but every once in a while I just hate it. I hate not having people, and I have no idea how to find new ones. We've gone to meetups, we've gone to church, we've gone to clubs. Nobody has seemed even the slightest bit interested in just hanging out.

I get messages on OKC, but they are always from men who only seem to want sex or are curious about poly/open relationships. Women out here have been hard to relate to so far, even the ones that I've conversed with.

I'm terribly afraid that I am just a small-town, Midwest girl at heart and that I'll never feel at home in the Northwest.
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