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Yes, I do the housework when the maid is not there. Yes I look after the kids as often as I can.
If I have to admit it to myself, I thinks itís more about sexual than emotional - about a 60/40 split.
I have over the past 18 months or so become very emotionally attached to a work colleague, with reciprocating feelings, although there is nothing physical (nor will there be) as we both respect my marriage and my wife.
This work colleague, B (26), also Bi-curious and single but highly sexually active, has become my closest friend (after my wife), and we share everything.
Now the crux of the matter. I lost my brother at a young age and even though we were not that close due to a large age difference of 12 years, B has become my surrogate (younger) brother.
I need some outsiders input as I am trying to sort out my own emotional confusion.
Any comments will be welcome.
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