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thanks y'all

I do much better now that I'm aware of it. It was just interesting the last time we slept together...we don't do that terribly well together. I am often restless because of the pain, and he sleeps light because he's not accustomed to sharing a bed. But I was trying to snuggle and pet him, and it just irritated him instead of soothing. But now I know not to do that. However, he's perfectly content to fall asleep smashed together. Note to self: no petting in the sleep.

I used to have a lover that wanted to sleep with me like a teddy bear, my nose smashed into his sternum. It was occasionally a challenge to breathe, but I sort of liked it.

km, I used to not be able to tolerate touching on my neck ~ I had an incident in toddlerhood of someone holding me down by my throat. Now I can barely stand fabric at my throat, but I think that's more due to my physical condition. I used to love turtlenecks (now too hot, plus the whole choking feeling). But the touch is fine (not that many folks touch there!) Was interesting to get over.
Don't even think about touching my belly button. (oh we've had stupid fights about *that*)(I know he thinks I'm holding it back from him to be spiteful, but if he touches it the mood is so far gone as not to return)
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