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Wow, Severian, that just sucks.

I'd like to recommend an official therapist. It is lovely to have friends, and lovely to have friends who sympathy or an ear (or a pint). But I think it's really important to have a real therapist, especially since you know you're depressed. Right now, you have lots of real things to be sad about. I can't imagine someone in your shoes who would just be all beer & skittles about it. But depression doesn't help anything and can really benefit from help or meds or sometimes both. Don't even give me any nonsense about not affording it. There are low-cost and no-cost options almost everywhere. You don't say if you're in podunk or a larger city, true, larger cities have more options. But any university/college or hospital will likely have trainees who work for low to no cost.

If there's none of that, there's about a billion anonymous groups (12 step) that will give you an ear. Emotions Anonymous I think would be for depression. [I believe my intro to the concept of anonymous groups was by two women from EA who came to talk to my class ~ it was some sort of social work class in junior college]

I'm glad you found this forum. Hope it gives you a modicum of comfort.
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