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Originally Posted by Johanna39 View Post
I am now in the situation of trying to accept this female into the equation but find i am unable to trust her. The reason being that she had seen Masters profile before that evening on a site we use that stated 'my manly and romantic needs are very well catered for' but had chosen to ignore that and proceeded to tell Him that night she thought He could provide what she was looking for.
Hmm, I don't know if that statement from his profile is very clear. The term "manly and romantic needs" can be interpreted a few ways. Not everyone agrees on what romance is, and I would think that if he even has a profile on a kink site, there may have been confusion over his availability.

I understand that in D/s there are some activities and "play" that people do that are outside of any committed partnerships or love relationships and it is possible that she did not see his statement as meaning she can't be interested or approach him. Nor does her saying that he might be able to give her what she's looking for necessarily mean she wants to be his girlfriend.

Personally, I would try to give her the benefit of the doubt and let him know that his notifying you by email was not right. You need to feel respected. Isn't he your Dom to take care of you and guide you? Hopefully, you can step out of your roles to speak to each other as equals when there has been a problem that doesn't quite fit into the wording of your contract. That is what I understand is possible in D/s.
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