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Default love languages

Others have pointed out the need to find a way to have adult time with your partner, without the youngun's about all the time.

However, have you ever read a book called the Five Love Languages? (That's not the whole title but if you google it, it will show up.) This doctor came up with five broad ways people tend to express love towards others, and how they understand love expressed to them. It is crucial for relationships because we often have trouble understanding different love languages when they express love to us. So for example, I am someone who needs quality time with a beloved in order to feel loved. That is also how I generally express love to others, through my time and attention. However, my ex-wife was all about touch. That is her love language. I had to learn to touch her more often than is natural to me and she had to learn that touching me as much as she wanted sometimes irritated me, rather than convey love.

Long story short, if you know your main love language, then you have more understanding of how you express and feel love. This can help you figure out how to get your needs met, and to better meet your partners needs.

If you search here or on google for the five love langauges test, you can do it online (it's free) and see which is your most dominant love language.

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