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Originally Posted by Messenger View Post
I was not aware of him being in a poly relationship with a girlfriend until after we had already been together. I assumed when he said, "you should meet X" that he was talking about a friend or FWB.
Okay, so - he started by deceiving you.

AND he is now possibly deceiving his girlfriend.

I wonder how many others he is seducing and waiting til after the fact before he lets you in on a very important detail.

I understand that your intentions were to be honest, but you are a tad too forgiving in this case. He wait until after fucking you before revealing that he has a girlfriend. And now he wants to wait til the time is right to tell her about you. That time might be a long way off. How much you want to bet that he comes up with an excuse when that day passes?

Yeah, like I said: DTMFA !
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