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Default Meeting a metamour

So Legs has a new shiny- an LDR that I'll call X. It's his first attempt at delving into poly after being so adamantly mono since we met.

She's also entirely new to the situation; we've chatted on facebook a bit and she has asked me a lot of questions.

It's about time for us to meet. She's going to fly to visit him for a weekend soon.

What is the best way to go about this? I've only met casuals of Wolf before and neither he or Legs have ever had another relationship since we've been together. I'm not worried about jealousy; I'm not feeling any of that. I just want to make her feel comfortable and welcome. This is new to me, too.

How much time should the three if us spend together? Should X and I spend some time alone? (Maybe just take a walk or something?)

The plan is to go to dance (we're all dancers) in a nearby city after we go to dinner together. We bounce around the whole time and socialize with lot of people. It will be very crowded. This makes me a little nervous for some reason; most people know I'm poly, so I'm not concerned about what others think about the situation. I'm not sure what it is.

Also, is it unwise to have her meet Wolf (not when she first meets me, but later in the day or weekend?) I don't want to throw too much at her at once, but I feel like it might help because she's very respectful and doesn't want to "take Legs away from me."

Are there certain, specific things I should (or should not) do? Suggestions? Advice? Experiences?

I appreciate it!
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