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Default how to convince her...

I am a 33 year old bi-curious guy and am suddenly intrigued about a poly relationship.
My sex life before kids was amazing and frequent and....after kids is barely non-existant. I mean once a month if i am lucky.
I have tried begging, nagging, asking, pleading, romaticising.... nothing works.
My wife mentioned before we got married that she has always been interested in sexualy exploring a 3some with another man although it must be about her and about pleasuring her, but when i bring up the subject now, she feels hurt that i could even consider "sharing" her.
I only recently started exploring and developing my bisexual tendancies and have also admitted as much to her, but i think she has this crazy notion of "and the two of them lived happy ever after", and i think she is afraid i might find more pleasure with a man then with her, although i would love to pleasure her with another man, and when she is not in the mood, pleasue and be pleasured by my significant other (Brother?.... appologies, i am still learning the language and there was not a definition for brother on the introduction glossary)

I love her with all my heart and soul and have been completely monogomous

I am an openmided guy, and would love exploring my sexuality with my wife and another guy. I know i could be commited to a "polyamorous" relationship that can keep all our sexual, emotional, and sensual desires alive.
am i being selfish? or just foolhearty.
I am afraid to share this with her and completely freak her out. (to give a bit of her history, she has been "forced" into sexual activity some years back and recently this has surfaced as an area of her waning desire)

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