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I think you have every reason to be upset - I know I would be. I take my safety really seriously, and have to be able to trust my partners. I had an STI scare earlier this year, and the first person I looked to was our secondary partner, as I knew that my hubbo and I hadn't slept with anyone else since our last test. It turned out to be a false alarm, but it was a really good reminder that fluid bonding is risky, and requires a very high level of trust.

Oral sex without barriers is fluid-bonding is high risk.

Taken from a safe sex site:

There's a common perception that oral sex is safer than intercourse, and thus I've met many folks who consider only having oral sex to be their version of safer sex. And while it is safer in comparison, it is far from being risk free. There is increasing evidence that many STDs can just as easily survive in the mouth as in the genitals, meaning that many can be transmitted from mouth-to-genital and from genital-to-mouth.

Some examples include being able to transmit HSV-1 (more commonly and socially known as 'cold sores) to the genitals, causing a genital herpes infection. HPV can also be transmitted to the mouth, and vice versa, and there is increasing evidence that many mouth cancers are also caused by the HPV virus.

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