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I LOVED the book Mono suggested. It's AWESOME (Maca is reading it now).

Opening up has a lot of... concrete lists for defining relationships.
Instead of saying "be sure to communication" it's more of a
"did you discuss who is ok as a secondary, friends? neighbos? relatives? coworkers? exes?"
etc through a variety of the topics that commonly pop up in any nonmonogomous relationship-not just polyamory.
It's been very interesting to read.

I can't remember what got me all emotional.
There's been so much going on.

Good grief huh?

We finally got to "debrief" about our weekend in full today. I think we made some kick ass breakthroughs and are "back on track" with each other again.

So I spent 2 hours on fetlife and ... yeah-I got so lost I didn't know which page was where and while I read a few interesting posts, didn't really find anything new that I didn't already know.

Anyway-we did find some other stuff elsewhere online that Maca and I found exciting. GG is here too-but I got all self-conscious (his roll is SO different with me) and I had to drop hte kinkier side of our "search" because I just couldn't keep going with him watching.
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