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Some very wise words already in response and i thank you both for them.

Anneintherain, in answer to your question my honest answer is yes, i may have made an assumption about not talking to me first.

I know i have knee jerked in my reactions, my pain has blinded me and i have been unable to stay calm and examine the facts clearly.
Yes, I have been hurting about the fact i had not been spoken to first but Master has apologised for this.

We have a 'trust and consent framework' document agreed last year that i have read over and over again these past few weeks. If i'm brutally honest, Master has not broken any of the rights and responsibilites agreed to by both of us.

You can be certain i will work hard to move forward and express myself and my fears in a better manner than i have previously done so with Him. The bottom line is that i love Him and want Him to be happy.

And Redpepper...yes, He is a good Master and i love Him with all my heart.

Wish me luck guys

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